New Pet Store Opening!

In downtown Shadetown, Shepherd Sheep is stirring up the dust. In these past few months, he's been renovating a run-down, abandoned store and turning it into a pet shop, which is set to open in just one short week! It'll be a sight, that's for sure, says Sheep. Why, this place wa'n't nothin' but a raggedy shed when I bought it.

In addition to this new location, Sheep's store will be offering more services than ever, including a selection of feed, toys, beds, treats, cages, tanks, décor, and even training classes for puppies! So keep an eye out for Shepherd Sheep's new pet store!

Snow Storm On The Way

Beware, this isn't your friendly Christmas dusting, folks. This is a big-time storm. It's already hit Sorraville, Sturkford, and Shore Village, with devastating effects. Roads are out of commission until the plow trucks can clear away all the snow. A few roofs have even collapsed under the snow build-up, and there have been numerous accidents resulting in severe injuries, and even death.

Meteorologists strongly advise not to go out during the storm, for both your safety and the safety of others. Be ready for power outages with plenty of blankets, batteries, bottled water, nonperishables, and candles.

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